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This page is accessible only to JIRA administrators and is located within the JIRA administration section in Add On’s Time Tracking Make My Day. This page contains settings that will change the default behaviour of MMD for all projects and users on this JIRA instance.

Figure 4: The MMD administration options screen.

Issue Status Rules

Issue status rules determine how MMD handles issues of a particular issue status. This affects both the calculation of the suggested daily time commitment for each issue and how it is displayed on the gadget.

Issue Status Rule NameDescriptionAllocated time for todayShows On Gadget
ActiveThese issues may be allocated some time for today if the algorithm determines that it is needed. This option is meant for issues which are currently being worked on and can be worked on today.Yes

If allocated time for today

or issue is due today or is overdue.*


Although these issues aren’t allocated any time today (unless the issue is due today or is overdue), they still have an affect on the expected workload in the future.  Therefore these issues still have an effect on the suggested time spent on other issues today.  This option makes the associated issues behave as if they had a start date of tomorrow.

This option is meant for issues which will be completed in the future before the specified due date but should not be, or can’t be, worked on today.  

NoIf issue is due today or is overdue.*
IgnoreThese issues are ignored by the MMD time allocation algorithm such that they are never allocated any time and have no effect on the allocation of time for other issues.  These issues don’t appear on the MMD Gadget and the MMD issue panel doesn’t show up for these issues.NoNo
DoneThese issues aren’t allocated any time as their remaining estimate is implicitly set to zero. They only appear on the gadget if the issue has been worked on previously today. They appear on the gadget with the due column saying ‘done’.No, but time worked on the issue today can affect the remaining work time for today.If worked on today

*Appears on gadget if the issue has no estimate but the issue is either due today or is overdue. This is to make sure these tasks don’t get forgotten.   

Holiday Region

The Holiday Region option determines the calendar of public holidays for MMD to use. On public holidays MMD will by default set the workday length to zero. Each user can override the workday length on a particular day through the work planner.

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