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This gadget is intended to be located on the JIRA Dashboard. An example of the MMD Gadget as it would appear on a JIRA Dashboard is shown in Figure 1. To add the gadget to a dashboard click on Add Gadget in the upper right of the JIRA dashboard and find the Make My Day gadget. The gadget contains two sections:

  1. The Personal Section: This section lists issues that are being worked on exclusively by the user and which require attention today. The total suggested personal workload for today in hours and minutes is listed at the top of the Personal Section. Note that irrespective of the outputs from the MMD scheduling algorithm, this section first lists any issues that are overdue as the highest priority, then any issues that are due today, and thereafter remaining issues suggested for focus today, and their suggested time commitments, as suggested by the MMD algorithm. Each line in this section lists the key for the issue, the summary description of the issue and the suggested time to be spent on that issue to stay on target to complete the issue on time (in the context of the time requirements of all other issues). The current day’s suggested time requirement for each issue, as well as the time worked on the issue so far for the current day, are also shown graphically using a blue and orange progress bar which shows the fraction of the suggested time allocation (orange) that has been completed today (blue). Placing the cursor over the progress bar shows the underlying values. The rightmost column, Due, displays whether issues are done, overdue or due today. Otherwise, the column displays the due date of the issue.

  2. The Team Section: This section is very much like the Personal Section but now lists issues which are being worked on by a team, including the user. The attributes listed for each issue are the same as in the Personal Section except that they are for the whole team.


Figure 1: The MMD Gadget.

In addition, at the bottom of the gadget, there may be text: “Not showing ## issues that are assigned to you, due to them...” This section identifies any issues which cannot be used in MMD because they: 1) do not have a due date, and/or 2) do not have a time estimate. By following the link to the ##, all of the ‘problem’ issues can be viewed and corrections can be made where necessary.

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