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The MMD Issue Panel appears on the bottom right of the JIRA Issue page when applicable. If a start date for the issue has been specified and the start date is in the future, this panel shows that start date.

The panel also lists the suggested total work for the day for that issue, the remaining work for the day that is needed, and the time that has already been spent on that issue today.

MMD-specific options for each issue can be accessed by the popup linked to the ‘gear’. Here it is possible to:

  1. Set a start date for an issue so that MMD will not allocate time to that issue until the start date is reached.

  2. Set the minimum duration for an issue (format: ?h ?m ?s; default of 30m). The MMD algorithm doesn’t allocate any duration for this issue less than the minimum duration stated by this option. Unless this issue is either due today or is overdue, then it will allocate all of the issue’s estimated remaining time to this issue regardless of this option.

  3. Ignore an issue, which means that MMD will not consider that issue when calculating the time allocations for all issues. An ignored issue will not have a MMD issue panel, or appear in the MMD gadget. An ignored issue can be re-enabled to MMD by following More Enable Make My Day from the Jira issue page.

Figure 2: The MMD Issue Panel and options on a JIRA issue page

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