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Make My Day (MMD) is an add-on to the JIRA project management package developed and maintained by Atlassian. For further information on JIRA see For MMD to work, as designed, with JIRA, users of JIRA are expected to:

  1. Log in JIRA all issues they are required to complete along with the due date for each issue and as realistic an estimate as possible of the time that will be required to complete the issue.

  2. Log time against each issue as the issue is worked on. The ‘tracker’ that comes with the Tempo add-on for JIRA can be used to do this, or otherwise time can be logged manually against any issue.

MMD has also added the functionality to specify a future start date for an issue, a feature that JIRA itself currently lacks. Users should use this functionality to log issues that need to be done, but that don’t need to be acted on immediately.

On any given day, MMD analyzes all open issues on the JIRA user’s issue list and, given a knowledge of the user’s time availability in each day (provided through a MMD-specific calendar), uses a data-adaptive algorithm to calculate how much time the user must spend on each issue that day to ensure that all issues will be completed by their due dates. The algorithm is designed to load balance the time spent on issues across the user’s calendar such that the workload is distributed as evenly as possible. If, for example, a large issue is to start in 2 weeks time, with a completion date 2 weeks beyond that, the MMD algorithm will schedule more time for other issues in the coming 2 weeks to ensure that there is sufficient time available in weeks 3 and 4 to dedicate to the large future issue. MMD gives the user the peace of mind that as long as they have adhered to requirements (1) and (2) listed above, and have completed for the current day what MMD has advised them to do, that they will be on track for completing their entire issue list be the due dates specified for each issue.

The main output of the MMD algorithm is the time required to be spend on each issue for the current day. This suggested time to be spent on an issue is the effort that should be dedicated to that issue today irrespective of the worked logged against that issue today. This means that MMD shows what the user has done today in the context of what MMD has suggested they should have done today.

Each issue also has a minimum duration such that MMD will not allocate any time less than that to an issue other than when the issue is due today or is overdue.

The MMD algorithm is able to handle team issues; a team issue is an issue that more than one person is working on. For such tasks the suggested time to be spent is split evenly across all of the participants in the issue. A  participant has either worked on the issue before or is the assignee for that issue. The values MMD shows for team tasks are for the whole team.

Make My Day is made up of the following components:

  1. Gadget,

  2. Issue Panel and

  3. Work Planner

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