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This page is accessible from the MMD menu in the toolbar at the top of the screen under Work Planner. The backbone of the work planner is a calendar. For today, and each day into the future, there are two boxes, one orange and one blue. The orange box indicates the total time commitment suggested by MMD for both personal and team issues. The blue box is the expected workday length that has been specified by the user - when these bars are of equal height it indicates that you will have just enough time in the day to complete your suggested MMD schedule. The default is for a workday length of 5 hours on weekdays (recognizing that not all of your time in the office can be committed to JIRA issues) and a workday length of 0 hours on weekends and public holidays (determined by the setting in MMD admin page). The workday length can be customized either by dragging the top of the box, or by selecting and typing the new value into the text in the top right-hand corner. The default workday length, for each day of the week, can be modified by entering a new value in the cell immediately below the weekday (e.g. Monday). Note that this will only change days whose length has not been individually modified. For both boxes, if the allocated time is greater than 12 hours, the black bar at the top of the box will disappear.

Figure 3: The MMD Work Planner. Workday length is shown in blue and the total time suggested to be spent on issues is shown in orange.

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